Reduce labor
Eliminate weeds between the plants on the row
Adapt to any row spacing
Weed up to 6 acres per day per row
Simple and easy to use

See it in action

Available in many sizes from 1 to 8 rows

Eco 1
PTO or hydraulic driven

Save time and money with the Eco I. Can weed up to 6 acres per day depending on row and plant spacings.

  • Will weed around and between each plant on the row itself
  • Eliminates the use of herbicides
  • For row spacings of 30” and above
  • Category II, 3 point-hitch
  • No hydraulic required for the PTO driven version
  • Possibility to offset the machine when the tractor is straddling two rows
  • Can receive the hydraulic driven in-between the row option, to weed in between the rows as well as in the row
  • Standard 10” diameter discs, 7” discs available as well as discs to weed on the edge of plastic mulch
  • Approximate weight 350 lbs
Eco 2
PTO driven

Same features as the Eco I but with the capacity to weed two rows per pass.

  • For row spacings of 30” to 44”
  • Approximate weight 450 lbs
Hydraulic (Main power source), Belt (final drive for each disc)

For larger operations, high capacity, simple and easy to use!

  • Weeding units bolted on a tool bar, can adapt to any row spacing
  • Multiple spacings possible on the same machine
  • Available in any size from 2 to 8 rows
  • Each weeding unit is mounted on a heavy-duty parallel linkage, so they all follow the ground contour individually and always weed at a constant depth
  • Independent suspension for each weeding unit to compensate for the differences in weight of each operator
  • Safety cut-off switch between each seat
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Key Features
  • # Cut-off switch between each seat
    # Safety belt for each operator
    # Safety guards over all linkages
See what our customers say

The Ecoweeder is the best option we have found for the cultivation of weeds in a hemp field. Not only does it get the weeds between rows, but also between plants! The unit is reliable, affordable and highly effective.

Luke Johnson, Cloud Co Farms Alamosa, Colorado
Owner of a 4 row Ecoweeder

The Ecoweeder has been a valuable addition to the cultivating tools on our farm for the last 12 years. It is the best machine I know of for removing weeds between plants in a row. We have used it in strawberries, broccoli, squash and pumpkins.

John Shenk, Shenk’s Berry Farm Hillside Cultivator Co.
Lititz, Pennsylvania

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